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Our most popular blends are listed below – click on the link for a full description.


Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Uganda.

Deep, rich, chocolatey and punchy with a powerful liquorice and rose water finish. Earthy notes throughout with an underlying spicy chocolate feel. Excellent body that cuts through milky drinks well.

Luxe Blend
Brazil, Ethiopia, Java, Uganda, Rwandan.

A blend of South American and African coffees roasted for a smooth, mild North Italian style espresso. 40% Robusta brings good body and drive through milky drinks and some Rwandan brings a citrusy acidic finish.

Honduras, Ethiopia, India, Uganda.

A rich, smooth, full-roasted blend of South American and African arabicas and Indian robusta. Full-bodied with a liquorice sweetness.

Decaffeinated Cafetiere

A pure Brazilian arabica coffee with the caffeine extracted using a special water steaming process. This has the effect of darkening the beans, but does not impair the flavour. A good bed time drink.

Decaffeinated Espresso Ground

A Central American coffee with the caffeine extracted using a special water steaming process. Dark roasted to develop the fruity sweetness of a Central American coffee.

Brazil, Uganda.

A Fairtrade-Certified blend of Brazil and Robusta. A high Robusta content gives this coffee a real kick at the back and sides of the mouth, but is balanced by a malty, sweet nuttiness at the tip of the tongue. An excellent blend for cappuccinos and lattes.

Brazil, Uganda.

A mild and mellow coffee ideal for all-day drinking. There are hints of roasted peanut at the front end, developing into a milk chocolate taste. This coffee has a thick syrupy nature to it and plenty of body – Great with milk.