Here at Coffee-Couture we are proud to announce that we are now stocking Caffè Amor – a new coffee brand specialising in authentic italian blends. Whether you’re after a rich intense flavour or something for a lighter pallette, Caffè Amor can offer blends for all tastes.

Below are the three blends we are currently stocking. For more information or for any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Il Mio Bar
An Intense dark blend of strength , perfect for Lattes and Cappuccinos. High Quality coffees from the three major coffee-growing areas of the world lend a balanced and sweet taste to this darkly roasted, traditionally Italian blend.

Espresso Tradizionale
A rich full-bodied espresso, with notes of milk chocolate, cream and hazelnut. Well-balanced with subtle citrus acidity, nutty sweetness.

Espresso Oro
A blend of South American and African coffees roasted for a smooth, mild North Italian style espresso. 40% Robusta brings a good body and drive through milky drinks and some Rwandan brings a citrus acidic finish.